I lost my mum

I lost my mum in may I have do short sorry as can only use 60words I lost my mum at 2am we all fell sleep on sofa an my 9 year old son was there i went to put her breathing mask on that she sleep with she was bent forward an she fell on me blood from her mouth went over me i scream woke my son up we both panic rang an ambulance and shouted outside for help my next door neighbour coming to help but there was nothing we could do she died from blood clot in the lung she was only 56 everytime I close my eyes I can still see it I can still smell the blood but it’s different smell from normal blood she was Rock my best friend I didn’t think I’ll lose my mum at 26 therapist said I should do counselling I rather speak to people that have been through the same thing

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Dear @Channy

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and and for what you have experienced and gone through. You have come to the right place to connect with members who have experienced the same loss as yourself. If you type in the search bar Loss of Mum, you can connect with members here.

Counselling and talking can help. Sue Ryder offer a free Online Bereavement Counselling Service which may be of help to you. It would be worth taking a look when you ready and if you like to consider doing it.

Losing a parent is devastating and there is information here on Losing a Parent which may be of support help to you.

You are not alone, please continue to reach out and take care.


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Oh Channy I am so very sorry for your lose. I lost my Mum in March. We always lived together and were best friends, my absolute rock. She did have chronic pain and some mobility issues and in the last few weeks was bed bound and I made her a bedroom downstairs. We were due to go and see the knee surgeon when she had a massive cardiac arrest in front of me. I did CPR straight away and community responders and paramedics were on scene in minutes but there was nothing they could do. It was incredibly traumatic. As I sat with her body after and stroked her head, yes there was some blood from her mouth. I cleaned her up but I can understand your pain and upset.

All I can say is I try to remember that was one moment of her life. At least she would know nothing and wasn’t alone, she was in the comfort of her own home.

Do you feel okay having pictures of your Mum from happy times around? I find that helps. Also writing my thoughts in a journal, whether just lists of words I feel, doodles or letters to Mum.

i hope you can find some peace today.

Beki x

Thank you so sorry about your mum I thankful I was there as bin in carehome for year learning how walk again an my son was liveing at mum as I lived at mum so thankful he wasnt alone that she died in her sleep with us around her but can but smell of the blood an my son face turning white will stick with me I glad you was with your mum till the very end I geting out of here soon moveing back into are family home an yes got pictures on my wall side my bed an poncho she wore when she was in labour with me it smells like her and as her perfume on it red door thank you for your message means alot

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