I lost my only best friend

She had cancer then passed from sepsis. I don’t know how to think,act or function. I know it’s not a family member. But she was my sister. Ride or die. I just need someone to chat to. Who has had this breaking alone feeling and just wants them back x

You’re not alone. I heard yesterday evening that my very closest friend had finally lost her battle with cancer. She too had sepsis as well as other complications and finally heart failure. I feel devastated but have to carry on as I have two small children (that she adored). I miss her so much as she was the only close friend I had after having my children. One is severely disabled and it meant I was very restricted with getting out and socialising. This one friend was always there for me and kept me strong and made the effort to meet up. I can’t quite believe this is it - she’s gone.

I may not be able to get online and reply regularly but I do know how you’re feeling xx

Emmajay85, I relate to your post. I lost my younger sister and best friend in the world to cancer that also led to sepsis. This all transpired in one night after being told since the diagnosis a year ago, she could “live with the disease.” It has been 4 months on, and I have been coming to this site and chatting to whomever will listen. I just want her back, and like you, I feel so alone.
Your best friend was “family,” just as my sister was my “best friend.” She was your “sister,” and losing her will impact your life in so many ways. Please keep posting and you will get support here. Tell us more when you can. With caring thoughts, Sister2

Hello Emmajay85

I am so sorry to read of the loss of your best friend. I, too, lost my best friend to cancer some years ago. A close friend can be just as important in your life as any family member. I am sure your friend was a wonderful support to you and your children, as mine was to me. The years have now passed, but I still remember the happy times we had together, just giving each other love and support in the ups and downs of life. My friend also became an ‘aunty’ to my children. Loss of someone close is difficult to take, but try to think of the love and support you gave each other, and you will gain strength to carry on, as your friend would expect you to do. It is not easy, I know, as I am now trying to keep myself positive in thought as I lost my dear husband only six months ago. With my best wishes to you. Deidre.

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