I lost my partner 3 days ago

I lost my partner of 7 years 3 days ago on the 10/09/23, he was only 23 he suffered with mental health im devastated I feel like my heart is shattered I can’t remember a life without him I’m only 22 we planned to have a family together and now it’s all been ripped away from me I just don’t know what to do and how to carry on with life without him :broken_heart:


This is so sad. You are so young to suffer like this. You will see from the posts on this site that all you can do is survive 1 hour, 1 day at a time. Dont look too far forward. Go with how you feel. Howl, cry, hit things ( not people) if it feels right. There is no one size fits all in grief. Take all the support and help you are offered. I pray you are surrounded by family and friends. Keep posting what you feel on this site. It helps and we all understand. Love and hugs. Xx


Pudding has it absolutely right. Get through every minute as best you can, lean on whatever family and friends are around to help.
Try to remember that things really do get good again, but it takes time.


Give yourself things to look forward to , that’s how I’ve combatted the sadness


I’m just trying to take every hour as it comes today I feel so scared it’s a scared I’ve never felt before yesterday I didn’t cry that much and I felt numb and empty I don’t know how to carry on without it him I can’t remember a life without him and sleeping on my own it’s getting colder nights now and I crave him so much we used to warm each other up in bed when we was cold and watch films all night I just don’t know how to carry on without him

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Its not quite a week, that’s an incredibly short time to start making sense of the horror. Just try to hang on, sometimes by the skin of your teeth!!
Hard as it is to believe, time really does heal. Have strength!


@Khunt how very sad, as others have said just take it an hour at a time, do what’s right for you. We all understand :broken_heart:

Omg I feel for your loss my husband died on the same day as your partner . He was only 34 . I totally get about plans for the future it’s like you have everything to look forward to . Now am taking a day at a time . Stay strong mental health is so bad . My husband had low times but the night before he was so so happy xx
Have you got some to talk too xx