i lost my partner

im 20 and i lost my partner whos 22 last week. i feel really numb and emotionless but then im feeling guilty for not wallowing and crying my eyes out every second of the day. i guess im just looking for advice. i dont know what to do in this situation or how to feel, it was so unexpected.


Hello @caitxo - so very sorry to hear of your loss. There’s no right or wrong way to feel - grief works differently for all of us. Somedays we’ll be ‘ok’ , some days we’ll cry and shout and curse life for being unfair to us, other days we’ll laugh and feel normal. Don’t feel guilty about how you feel. I hope you can get some comfort from these forums - there’s a lot of good advice from some good people who are all going through the same as you and me. Best wishes.


Hi @caitxo

Im sorry for your loss, im around the same age as you and in the same position of having lost my partner. Its the hardest situation to navigate but no matter how you’re grieving or feeling, its not wrong. Im still confused every day about how i feel but i know its normal to not have all the answers. just be kind to yourself and ride the wave.


Everyone reacts differently. There is no wrong or right way to grieve