I’m having a really bad night

I can’t get my anxiety to stop giving me panics tonight. I need Colin so much I never imagined grief was so cruel. I don’t know how to settle tonight can anybody help. Thank you. K xx

Hi Katie it’s Adele im so sorry to hear your having such a bad time I’m here for you so are alot of othere I’ve been the same all day too and most of yesterday it was so bad my jaw sort of froze I managed to wash and dry my hair yesterday sorentry almost day in bed today mostly I know it’s so bad makes you shake with fear and tremble im looking at photos of me and Edward last bank holiday Monday thinking how happy we were not knowing what was to become all I want him is back in my arms so desperately too speak soon in my thoughts xx

Hello Katie. I’m sorry you are feeling so bad. Have the feelings abated any since you posted? Words seem so inadequate when you want to help someone and you can’t find anything to say that can ease the distress. I think weekends and Bank Holidays exacerbate things and maybe tomorrow you may feel a tiny bit steadier. I’m sure more people will reply to you that can offer you some words of wisdom. I hope so. Is there anyone you can speak with in person close by you. I hope you get a little respite soon, I understand how frightening it feels. Love to you.


Totally agree Katie I’ve just had a message off the community manager Samaratins is open 24/7 call them I’ll be around if you need to speak hun in my thoughts Adele x

Thanks Tina my grief monster-has retreated to his cave I hope he stays there. Am finding even my family don’t understand what we go through. Oh mum’s strong she’ll be fine but I’m not. My granddaughter is coming round to stay she is 18 with more sense than her mother. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. k xx

Thanks as always Adele will we ever reach a coping time? I will phone if I need them but wont bring Colin back. Feel I’m in a nightmare. K xxxx

Hi Katie im pleased someone is coming to stay over with you in my thoughts x

Katie I really don’t know I feel like you really struggling only managed to get up wash and dry my hair today anxiety has been so bad like you I miss my Edward desperately this is a living nightmare Katie I agree I wouldn’t wish this up on my worst enemy it’s utterly devastating I hope your granddaughter keeps you company I know it’s not like having your Colin there but a little conversation in my thoughts as always speak soon take care x

Much love and thoughts of you K xxx

You too speak soon take care you know where I am xx

Hi Katie did your granddaughter stay over?
I hope today is a little kinder to you in my thoughts Adele x

Hi Katie just so glad it isn’t just me having the panic attacks and anxiety. Mine are so bad since losing my mum that my blood pressure spikes (making me panic more as I keep taking it) my husband suggested I breathe into a paper bag and I have to say it works. Breathe in and out of the bag and you find your heart rate and breathing slow. Made me calmer. Panic attacks are no joke and I feel sorry for anyone with them. They tell me this is all part of grief. Hope today is easier for you. Night times are always worse it’s quiet dark and makes you feel so alone. Take care

Thank you so much Pen I’ll certainly try that… grief is responsible for so many horrible thoughts, feelings and so much sadness. Thinking of you. K xx