I’m new and not sure how this works

Hi, so I’m new and I sometimes just want to tell other people how crap I feel even though I’m not ever expected to feel that way…can anyone relate?
Sorry again, not sure how this works?


Dear @Gags19, I’m sorry you’ve lost your brother. Losing a sibling is like losing a piece of the family jigsaw; it can never be whole again and there will always be that permanent gap. I lost my brother 5 months before losing my husband; it’s been 5 years now. I do find I can think of him now and smile. I often recall games we would play as a child - usually armies and my brother was always the officer in charge. He would have us marching around the garden. I’m smiling now even as I’m typing this. :blush:

The loss of my husband 5 months later overshadowed the loss of my brother.

Have you tried looking on the ‘Lost a Sibling’ category? You’ll get plenty of support and understanding there.

Sending hugs. x


Hi, yes feeling crap is normal after we loss a special person but unfortunately we don’t talk about, so when it happens to us we have no idea what is happening. Stay strong and you will get through the worst but that special someone will always be there. Don’t be hard on yourself and take each day as it comes. Please take care because at present you are very vulnerable. S xx

Hi Gags19, So sorry for your loss. I too lost a sibling, my younger Sister to cancer three years on. She left a void that can never be filled. When she died I lost a part of myself. I sense you feel the same, Sibling loss is often minimised, but nonetheless it is a devastating and life altering loss that needs to be acknowledged. As was mentioned we do have a “Sibling Loss” category on the site. Please take care, and tell us how you feel, on this forum you will find understanding and support. Xxx Sad Sister2

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Hello Gags, I am new on here from this morning and just trying to find my way around but I can totally relate to what you say about feeling rubbish when no-one expects you to. I too am deemed to be the strongest in my family so my two sisters never ask me how I am, despite the fact I always call them to check on their health and what is going on in their lives. Being ‘the strongest’ can be a burden indeed.