I’m scared and struggling!

Hi I’m new to the on line bereavement forums. But I need to talk about things to someone as The way I’m feeling scares me. I’m an only child lost my dad suddenly when I was 18 and now lost my mum 8 weeks ago suddenly. I feel so shocked lost and alone. The one person who knew me inside out who was there for me regardless and now she has gone. I don’t know how or if I can deal with this. I always said when my mum goes it will destroy me. I Honestly think it is . I try and keep busy to forget then all of a sudden this massive wave hits me knocks me for six and then I realise my mum isn’t there. It hurts so much I feel so scared especially at night time I can’t sleep .
Joanne x

Joanne1972, I’m sorry you’ve recently lost your Mum. i lost my Mum suddenly too nearly ten months ago. I too am an only child and now both of my parents have passed. It is a shock and i do believe that it will take time to adjust to. I think it is very much a case of taking in hour by hour on the rough days. At only 8 weeks I’m not surprised your are feeling shocked.
Grief is very physically tiring, so do make sure you try and eat well. I also found going to be a hour earlier helped slightly with poor nights sleep.
I do realise it’s raw and painful. Keep posting on these forums, as it’s not only a great place to get things off your chest, but also the people are lovely. Take care.

Thank you I do feel tired the minute I close my eyes I just think. I’m so sorry for your loss too. I have just stumbled across this forum so I will definitely keep reading the posts