I`m sure I heard a voice

I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about going to the cemetery to place a wooden cross on my wife’s grave today, and planting some bulbs there too. I was struggling to get out of bed, as is my usual at the moment, and I think I was dozing on and off. I’m not sure if it happened whilst I was asleep or awake, but I swear I heard my wife say my name. She always pronounced my name as “Aw-lston” rather than “Ah-lston”. The sound was as clear as day, so clear that I actually said aloud “Is that you Danny?” (I always called my wife by one of her middle names). I know there are other threads about these types of experiences but I just felt the need to share this incident with someone.


Hi Alston. Thanks for sharing. I have explained before that when we are in the ‘in between state’. of sleeping and awakening is when it’s possible that some sort of communication can occur. Our conscious minds, when awake, get in the way and we doubt and finish up disbelieving. Thís has nothing to do with logic or the senses as we know them. It’s way and beyond all that earthly stuff. This is our problem. isn’t it? We are so ingrained with earthly ideas that anything out of the so called normal is frowned upon either as delusion or ‘it’s just all in the mind’ . Of course it is, where else would it be?
Our love remains in our minds. It’s why it’s so difficult to express emotions in words. Take your experience as something that happened and not by chance.
Good to hear from you. John.


Hi Alston
So pleased you was able to share this moment with us. Wonderful isn’t it. I have also heard my husband call upstairs to me. I was awake and answered him. He also always called to me in a special way. It really lifted me to know he was around


Hi Alston, Pat, and Jonathan,
I heard my dad call to me last summer in his normal voice when I was alone, in my driveway.
I also heard my grandmother call to me, many many years ago. It sounded like a forced whispering wind type of voice. It happened twice - once when I was with someone else who also heard it, and once when I was alone, walking down the street in the middle of the day.


Hi there. These are very precious moments and to be cherished. If someone else heard her voice what more evidence would you want? I am so glad for you. These moments are not so rare as we may think. Many have them, but because of the fear of being told they are losing it, they stay silent. One thing we should not do is go around expecting such things to happen. They come in moments when least expected, and usually when our day to day mind is inactive, as in dreams.
Take care. Blessings. John.

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I desperately wish I could hear my husband’s voice. He had thyroid surgery Christmas 2018 and the surgeon had to cut one of his vocal cords. His voice after that was always low and gravelly.
I can’t remember what his real voice was like. It was only 2 years ago but it seems like a lifetime. I don’t even have a voicemail message of him. If I could only hear him one more time.

I so envy those who have heard their loved ones speak. You are all very lucky.
Take care

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Can I say I lost my wife in February of this year and while sitting outside after 4 months I heard Marrrr shout out, that would be away my wife would said if she was alive in bed.

So you are only 8 months in like me. I hope you find some comfort posting in this group. I have found these people very kind and considerate and when I am feeling at my lowest ebb and ranted and cried they have replied with good, sound sense and compassion. As someone else said, we are in a club no one wants to be in but with the help of the other members we can try and cope as best we can.
Take care.

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thank you for you comments