I’m Tired - Poem

This is a poem I wrote to my late husband :orange_heart: it’s exhausting just trying to carry on isn’t it?

I’m Tired

I’m tired of pretending I’m ok
I’m tired of waking every day
I’m tired of being without you
I’m tired with each day that I have to.

I’m tired of saying ‘Yes I’m fine’
I’m tired of that same old line
I’m tired of trying to be strong
I’m tired and the days they’re so long.

I’m tired of living this lonely life
I’m tired of not being your wife
I’m tired of saying that I’m alright
I’m tired I need you to hold me so tight.

I’m tired of you not being here
I’m tired of not having you near
I’m tired of having to carry on
I’m tired without you my love, my one.

I miss you every minute of every day, love you always & forever xxx❤️


I love this, yes I could add to it but that’s not what I am here for. You put it so simply. Many thanks and you take care. Bless you S xxx


A lovely poem, so true how tired we feel grieving for our loved one every second of the day.
Sending you a hug
Amy xx

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How true your beautiful poem is. So sad and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing, it’s as if you spoke for me. Maria

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Such true words.

Take care

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