I.m trying my hardest to keep it together

This will be nothing new to anyone who has lost their Mum but I feel like I.m about to lose the plot with all the hype about Mothers day. I lost my Mum last May, my brother the November before and another brother the March before and My Dad 6 months before that! I have had to hold it together for the sake of my 2 children but I feel like I.m now being overwhelmed and have no one to talk to about it. I.m totally dreading Sunday, everyone enjoying times with their Mums and rest of their family, but I.ll not have My Mum or other family apart from my 2 young children who just don’t understand how hard it is, and not should they, so I feel resentful people don’t understand how devastating that day will be for me. I took some flowers to my Mum, Dad and brothers grave today and I just couldn’t stop sobbing. The feeling of utterly loneliness is consuming. I just want Sunday to be over with, which I know sounds extremely selfish, but I can’t help it. Each day is hard enough to get through without that too.

Hello Nellienono, I’m very sorry to hear about your multiple losses and I understand your dread and devastation surrounding mother’s day. A number of other community members posted over the weekend about how they were struggling with mother’s day and I hope you were able to read those and feel less alone.

We shared a blog on our website about coping with mother’s day, which I also posted in the community, but I think it’s relevant for everyday so might be worth a read through: https://www.sueryder.org/blog/what-to-do-if-you-struggle-with-mothers-day

Take care,