I’m unfortunately new to this community

My heart is breaking, I can’t sleep. I lost my husband suddenly and unexpectedly on 25/2 he wasn’t unwell at all he showed no signs of being unwell, he was a marathon runner - he was training for Manchester marathon. Why is life so cruel???


Little cat your head must be a mess I know mine was and still is. It’s hard trying to make sense of it all. Plus all the stuff that needs sorting I know I had brain fog and just felt like a zombie. It’s still very early days for you. Just getting though minute by minute is a struggle. Life is cruel mate your husband was so young and fit by the sounds of it so trying to make sense of it is impossible. Take care of yourself and reach out for help if you need it xx

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Hi Iittlecat, I’m so sorry for your loss, its devastating!
I ask myself that same question everyday. I lost my soulmate on Nov 13th 2021 very suddenly and unexpectedly too. He was very fit and had no health issues, he went out for his usual jog and never returned.
I will never get over the shock.
It’s very early days for you and I’m sure you are being bombarded with advice, but honestly unless you have been through it no one truly understands how hard it is.
I am waiting for counselling and am just trying to get through each day,and can’t think any further than that.
This forum has helped me to realise that I’m not completely on my own.
I wish I knew why life is so cruel and unfair though.
Take care

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I’m sorry for your loss too :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you for your kind reply. Sorry for your loss too. I just can’t comprehend why this has happened. The funeral was Tuesday, there’s still so much to sort out my feet haven’t touched the ground, it just doesn’t seem real, for the most part I think he’s at work or in a training run. I hope you get some counselling soon. Take care :broken_heart: