I miss everything....

It is 2 2/1 years since Jack died
In many ways I am used that he is not here - I have renovated and moved houses , I am in the process of selling the house we lived for so so many years - but I feel it is the right thing to do . Memories are inside me , and everywhere I go Jack is with me
I am resilient and I am strong but my sadness is deeper now , my feeling of loneliness is greater now. The awareness that my life won’t change for better and happier . I have good moments with my family, they are loving and supportive and I have a couple of very good friends but…

I miss everything about Jack
How I wished to hold his hand, to kiss him, to hear his voice and how I miss know that I had someone supportive and caring
There are conversations you can only have with your partner! I I miss talking to him, sharing my concerns, sharing my joy


I miss the life I had -
I talk to Jack all the time and I hope he can listen and that he feels my love but who knows
Sadie x


Hi Sadsadie, yes I too believe that our loved ones, our soulmate are never far away. I talk to my soulmate and I still think he is listening. Memories are what we have and I think you are and have been very brave to do all you have done over the past couple of years. You may have a new home but your memories are not in bricks and mortar but inside you. Be proud of what you have achieved and keep talking, you know what they say “it’s good to talk” we should have a club for all of us who talk to our loved one. Be proud and enjoy your new home.xx

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Dixie and Bristles
I believe it was Jack that found this house for me. Ii is exactly in front of one of my daughters
Also I have a friend that says that as we need time to deal with our grief, the person that dies needs time to get used not having a body
Take care Sadie x

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