I miss her so much

Hi gives us on here a little hope 3 months since my husband passed my children are 24 and 26 granddaughter 2 they keep me going but my future without Mick I can’t see xx Sorry you lost your wife so young with 2 little ones. Happy for have found new love and life.

Thank you so much and sorry for losing your husband. I also lost my father almost 4 years ago and so my mother is widowed too - loss of spouse is certainly the worst thing at any age!

Yes the loss of my wife has to be the worst experience ever lost my mum 2 years ago. She had vascular dementia and smoked all her live. My wife was healthy. She was a healthy eater. We never had many take aways or fried anything yet she went at 53.
31 day on and the pain every morning with a empty bed is unbearable.

Just speak from your heart. It’s all in there you just need to tell people