I miss her

I lost my darling Mum 2 months ago and now the shock has worn off and panic has set in.

We had plans. I was retiring next year, we were selling both our homes and moving to the coast. We’ve been talking about it since Covid lockdown and it finally felt in reach.

She was my favourite person in the world and the love of my life. We were Mum and Daughter and best friends.

I have no idea what I’m going to do without her and I’m scared.

Does anyone else feel this way? How are you coping? Xx


Hi i am sorry to hear of your loss xx My lovely mum passed 6 months ago. I have felt like you. And it still tough, but something has shifted. I am feeling like my brain is peacing it together. Im coming to terms with it slowly. I go to a grief awareness course with the church. It helps to talk to others who are experiencing the same feelings. Take care of yourself and you are not alone xxx

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Hi @VickiB1970

I’m sorry about your loss :white_heart: I understand you, I lost my mother 4 months ago, and she was my world too, my best friend- a bond like no other.

We both made plans that never fell through, which made me feel rather upset and guilty after her death. However after a while I came to peace with it, and continued these plans as I know that’s what she would’ve wanted and felt a sense of pride.

Keep using this forum as it’s a great community to talk and reach out, it’s very comforting and reassuring. You’re never alone, take care x

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Hi Vicki, I have not been online for a while but wanted to reach out as my story is similar. I lost my mum is March last year, I heard her fall, I tried to save her & I couldn’t, she was a fit, young, 78. We were also planning to sell up and move to the coast after both surviving breast cancer, we were robbed.

Life and acceptance sometimes feels easier, occasionally, like this weekend, I am crippled with loneliness and miss my mum desperately, I feel as low as is possible.

Sending you buckets of love x


Sending them to you too xx