I miss my dad

It’s been 3 months since my dad died, still struggling to come to terms with it all, I know there is no right or wrong way to grieve, it’s individual. But I just want anyone reading this to know it’s normal, life will feel strange and sometimes it’s hard to explain, but sadly you are not alone so many others are going through this and help is out there. Some days are better than others, I miss my dad so much he has left a massive void in my life that can never be filled. I find it easier to be around people that have been through bereavement, they understand especially when I don’t have the words to explain how I feel.

Wishing you all the best and stay strong, one day at a time.

I lost my father in September 2017, and my mother is 2007. I can honestly say I survive as someone bereft of love and happiness. Around people I’m fine, left to my own devices I’m a man falling apart at the seems. But the one aspect which just about keeps me on an even keel is knowing that I had the best parents anyone could wish for, they were always there when I was at my lowest ebb, I’m sure you have the same sentiment regarding your own father, whatever thoughts and emotions you have, give them free access for expression, personally, I’ve found this is the best way, to gradually come to terms with all that has transpired. Anyway, wish you all the best for the future. Nilesh

Thank you and I wish you the best as weel

rubbersoul07, I lost my father in September, 2017 as well. It’s why I’ve signed into this community today. And to MichelleF, I appreciate this post. Today is not a good day.

WRay I can totally relate to how you are feeling today, each day I live with this thought, at times his absence is unbearable. There is no right or wrong way with grief, it’s an emotion that needs expression. They do say time is a healer, but time doesn’t factor in how difficult the grieving process is. This week I’m slowly letting go of the pain, I know my dad wouldn’t want me feeling this way, I’m sure the same is true in your case. And one thing that anchors me whilst going through all this, is knowing they will always have a place in our hearts. Stay strong, as light will overcome the darkness.