I miss my mum

Since my mother died a week ago I’ve been in complete despair. She was my life and although she was poorly it came as such a shock when she passed. She helped me so much and was the only person I loved with all my heart.

I’m so lonely since then and have been sat on my bed watching YouTube, barely eating and crying. My life was already so hard before this and I’m missing my mum because she was my only reason to live. I wish I could join her. I want to be with her so much more than I want to be alive.


I lost my mum october 2022 and im really struggling too, she was my rock and now my world just feels completely empty.


Dear Seanmum

Your message struck a chord with me as I felt the same awful emotions when my Mum died 2 months ago. I just wanted to hold her little hand and be with her, wherever she is. I didn’t want to live the pain was unbearable and agonising. But here I am 8 weeks later, still grieving but still here for my Mum’s sake. You will get through the initial shock of losing your lovely Mum, each day will get easier than the day before by the tiniest little bit that you’ll not notice it, but your strengths are bigger than you think. You’re in shock right now but by and by you’ll get a little stronger and better able to cope. Keep that chin up and do it for your Mum. I know how lost and lonely you’re feeling I lost my Mum before Christmas yet I’m still here trying my best for her sake. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time, you’ll get through this I promise. Sending love and thinking of you. xxx


Dear Carmz21

I’m so sorry we’re both here on this website as we’ve both lost our Mums recently. I understand completely how lost and lonely you’re feeling. I loved my Mum with all my heart she was my only reason to live. Now I must go on without her and I know I must do it for her sake. You are not alone. Everyone here feels similar emotions to yours and we all know how much it hurts. Sending love and best wishes for you to be strong, you will get through this but be patient with yourself. xxx


Hi Seanmum,

I’m sorry for your loss.

I lost my dad in November and I know the feelings of despair well. My dad is everything to me and life without him feels empty. I feel like I have been thrown into a new world which I didn’t want and I have no idea how to navigate it without my dad.

When my dad passed away I felt like part of me died. If I could have gone with him there and then I would have. However, this is not what our parents want for us. Our parents bring us into this world, they want the best for us and love us unconditionally. My dad would hate me to be sad and he told me before he passed away that I must go on and I will keep trying for him. I never thought I would be able to live in a world without my father and although it’s not easy I am here. As long as I am here my dad is still here in many ways as we are so alike.

Your feelings are very normal, your loss is very recent and raw. It will be three months on 15th Feb since I lost my dad and I am told by the counsellor that my grief is still very raw too. I am trying to keep busy and allow myself to feel whatever it is that I’m feeling (mostly sadness, anger and longing).

You are not alone. I wish none of us knew what it feels like to lose a parent but people here understand.


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