I miss my Mum

Today is my Mum’s birthday, the first without her. My Mum passed away in December last year, we weren’t expecting Mum to pass away and it was very sudden. I have got so much to talk to her about and miss her so much. My Mum would have been 68 today and loved birthdays. I feel so alone without her even though I am married with a grown up daughter. Me and Mum used to chat about all sorts, she was always my friend to talk to. I still have my Dad here. I still feel numb and get days where I go to pick up the phone to ring my Mum but then remember she is gone. I miss my Mum so much xx

My heart goes out to you. Tomorrow would have been my mums 61st birthday. She died suddenly last March, my dad then 6 months later (cancer). New to the page but really happy to be reaching out xxx

It must be hard for you to lose your Mum and Dad so close together so I would like to thank you for reaching out and sharing with me. I put a card and flowers up in my home for my Mum’s birthday to celebrate like I would if she was still here. I hope you coped on your Mum’s birthday, sending you much love xx

Thank you for your reply message, the day before was a lot worse than the actual day. My boys and I planted flowers on her grave on the day x

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