I miss my sister

Struggling with mental health and grief is crippling me at the moment I got no support from my doctors im on the wait list again for the mental health team I can’t talk to my mom or my friends or girlfriend no one knows how to talk to me or help me I don’t even know how to help me I just find myself breaking down crying wanting to die.


Hi @Missmysista,

I’m so sorry things are so hard. I’ve sent you an email with some details you might find helpful - I’d encourage you to try and talk to an organisation like Samaritans about how you are feeling. They are always there, throughout the day and night - they will be able to listen and help you.

I have also included a link to an article about losing a sibling, from the Good Grief Trust website.

Please take care of yourself - keep reaching out,

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I find doing stuff I enjoy helps even if I cost abit of money… for me it’s going to the football match making abit effort to do so like swapping my days off at work sod money at the moment life is too short

Hi Martinw,I like your post. Yes doing things, anything helps me get through each day, week or even month if I can keep going. Nice that you posted and you are very welcome to the community. Keep going. S xx

Thanks just joined today

Hi, its gone 3am and Ive just joined in desperation of finding someone who knows how I feel, and I saw your post then looked at your profile, Im so sorry youre having such a n awful time, my sister died last june and like you mentioned if the docs had taken notice things could have been different! I understand how you feel about not being able to talk to your mum n friends i feel the same, my mum is hurting enough without me adding to it. I am suffering from terrible anxiety, feeling so alone (even though im not!) My docs have told me they have no counsellor AFTER booking me in with one?? and i will have to find my own help but im not mentally strong enough to get dressed let alone sort it out. It sounds like you will understand where im coming from. Xx