I need the feeling of guilt.

In the last 18 months I lost my mother then my father in July and I find I need to feel guilt because the instant I don’t I start to feel like I have no options left.

Hello Jay. You sound as if you are struggling. Your losses so close together must be so difficult to come to terms with. Guilt, although a companion of grief for many, is such a hard emotion to carry. Please don’t suffer in silence, it makes things so much worse. You can share here, or many of us don’t mind private messages, or even talk to/email the Samaritans if it all gets to much. Sending compassionate thoughts.

Hi JayS

I’m sorry you are feeling guilt. It is such a destructive emotion.

I’ve had a similar year. I lost my dad May 17 then my mum May 18. It truly is the pits. Xx

I find this site helps me get things off my chest. If you would like to share what you feel guilty about, I will happily listen. There are things I feel guilty about. Even getting on with aspects of my life feels odd but I know my mum and dad would want me to carry on. Such a mixed tangle of emotions.

Hope to hear from you again.

Ann xx

Hello. What a difficult time for you. To lose both parents in such a short space of time, I am truly sorry. I think guilt is a ‘normal’ part of grief and you will move on from it. It’s 16 months now since I lost my husband and I remember, in the early days after his passing, thinking about all the horrible things I’d said to him during little tiff’s. We really didn’t argue very much at all but all I could focus on was those times when we had. I felt such guilt and sorrow for saying things which may have hurt him. Totally irrational of course. I hope you’re feeling of guilt will soon pass so that you can be left alone with your wonderful memories which nothing can erase. Sending love x

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