I Need You

I need you to touch, I need you to see
I need you so much, I need you with me
My life feels so empty, my heart feels so cold
I need you beside me, I need you to hold.

Why were you taken? I ask that each day
But no one will answer, I therefore now pray
I pray that you’re happy, I pray that you’re safe
I pray that I’ll hear you, and that I have faith.

That’s all I have now, I have to believe
In life beyond this one, we all must achieve
Come to me Alan and whisper my name
Tell me you’re happy, and I’ll be the same.

My life at the moment is empty and dark.
The light that once shone has gone out in my heart.


Dear Sad2

Thank you for sharing the poem. All of us will have identified with the words at some stage.

Dear Sad2

Every word echoes my own thoughts. Every day I climb a mountain and struggle to get through the day. Then retreat to bed and pray for my husband to come to me and speak to me one last time and give me hope to try and continue this terrible journey he has left me to walk alone.


Dear Sheila
So sorry that you’re still going through this terrible heartbreaking journey too.
I’m unsure which pain is worse - the shock of what happened or for the ache for what never will.
It doesn’t get any easier does it?

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Dear Joan

I think the balance between each tips in different directions each day. But the tears still flow daily, perhaps not constant, but when they do surface they just intensify the pain. It will be my birthday tomorrow - again cannot celebrate and know that I never will without my husband by my side. Eldest grandson made a card at nursery and that will be the only one put up.

Had to visit the bank today and the tears just flowed. Just as well they had me in a side-room. Life - if it can be called that - is just unbearable and there is no solution.

Your poems always manage to reflect our true feelings. Just wish none of us were in this position.

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Dear Sheila
I send you my very best wishes on your Birthday.
I hope today is not too sad.
A big virtual hug for you.
Joan x

Dear Joan

I spent the day with grandsons. Blocked out that it was a day with any significance. Cried when returned home to the empty house. Except for the handmade cards from our grandsons the rest are lying on the windowsill the same as last year.

Thank you for your hug. Take care.