I still need you all

Hello A week ago I posted on here and received the most supportive replies during what we all know is a living hell. I hope I also gave support to some for I tried to but where are you a week on. I’m still answering but as your name slips down the list it stops. I am in agony still And its right that new people get support but please don’t forget the forgotten ones down the list. I am sorry if I upset anyone but this community was literally a life saver but not any more.

Hi Katie, I’m glad you found the replies to your last post supportive. You’re right that older conversations often get quieter as time goes on, but you are always welcome to start a new conversation (as you have done here) whenever you need support or have something you’d like to talk about.

As you say, it is natural for people to look first at the most recent posts, but you can absolutely still keep getting support. Although there are a few very long-running conversations, most people do start new ones regularly.

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Hi im so sorry for your loss it’s the same here I am utterly heartbreakon destroyed there’s no words to describe the pain and terror all I want is my soulmate back in my arms nothing seems real im devastated I just hope I can be with my soulmate soon I cant go on like this anymore your in my thoughts take care as much as possible x

Dear Katie and Ade
Please don’t ever think you are “forgotten”… I know that there are times for each of us when an answer to our own cry seems to take on incredible importance but every single post on here is a response to someone’s grief and need.
Grief is the most soul destroying emotion…it affects each of us differently and each of us has to fight so hard to learn how to carry it…we can’t put it down but time somehow helps us to bear its weight without it crippling us as it does in the early days.
If you have read other posts you may have come across another website called What’s Your Grief which has many excellent contributions and articles…also take a look at the poetry posts on here…the words speak volumes!
Try to take care…breathe into each moment and keep reading and posting. God bless x

Thankyou from the bottom of my broken empty heart I am utterly heartbreakon destroyed no words can describe the anguish I pray I can be with my soulmate every half a second there us nothing to live for now we did everything together take care of yourself and thanks again x