I survived

It is done
I have moved - I want to share with you my experience and I hope it helps
After a a year of dealing with planning permission, architect and builders the house I was going to move to was ready

Although I felt that moving across the road from one of my daughters was the right thing to do I was so sad regarding leaving behind all I have known with Jack
It was bitter sweet to go through things that were in the loft: under the stairs and garage that used to be part of our lives and I had forgotten about them . Some of these things once upon a time were cherished: Barbie dolls, transformers etc , and sometimes I would think ‘why on earth we had this’
I did cry and I felt so very sad that Jack wasn’t with me at this time
Then came the packing - this was really hard - I cry Ed so much, I couldn’t sleep etc.
Yesterday the move happened.
As everything had gone - the house was empty and I looked around - the house was soulless ! A house isn’t a home, my memories are in my heart
Now I am in the new house - Jack would have been so proud of our children, so proud of the family we created -
I was very lucky that I had the “children “ helping me both packing and starting the unpacking - when they left my bed was in place, TV and computer sorted . I have so many boxes to go through

The reason to write this is just to say that the process to leave is much worse the the leaving itself. I moved at my own time with a lot of support, a lot of tears but I feel this was the right decision
I feel I survived ! It was painful and hard but I am here to tell the tale!!
With love
Sadie xx


Well done Sadie, a great step forward x Nothing will.change the memories x wishing you all the strength and love you need x

I was intrigued to read this since I’m facing the same thing. What you say is so very true. Jim (my husband) fell in love with this house the moment he stepped in the door, and although afterwards we realised that it’s far too big and expensive in every way, leaving it is poignant. It was such a happy home for the two of us.
Clearing everything out is something I dread - some things will simply have to go, because there isn’t room. The fact that you have managed it gives me hope. Jack would also be very proud of you for managing it all.
Christie xxx

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Well done, that is a hugh step to take. I to am thinking of moving away to be near my daughter, not yet but sometime in the not too distant future when I am of “sound mind” and know that it is truely what I want and need. I wish you well in your new home and hope you can make some new memories xx

Best wishes and love in your new home, stay strong xx

Hi Tess
It was the right move for me but it s not easy - although I feel this yesterday I was quite wobbly which surprised me!!
Isn’t it interesting that I was surprised? Of course I will feel wobbly - so I am been kind and gentle with me !
I feel wobbly and agitated today again!!
Sadie x

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