I think of my wife joyfully @ xmastmas

My wife died in january 1994 and was dying from cancer over Christmas 1993.
I used to be very sad and lonely over christmas , new year and around the time of her diagnosis, so my life virtually stopped for 3 months.

But after watching a christmas film , about a?man who like me virtually shut down until after her anniversary
But in the film mrs Miracle told him to find joy in things he was doing that gave her joy?
Now i do many things she loved especially concerning christmas with joy in memory of my lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: perfect pixie
Its hard, but i know that it will make her happy and in time, i will be happier in my life

I love working in the grotto , making kids?and families :blush:


My husband dies in September and doing what I feel he would want me to do is what keeps me going. Sliding into depression and hiding from life would be easy. What is hard is making myself go out with friends, having people over for a meal, writing Christmas cards, Buying presents for my son. But that is what my husband would want me to do, so I do it. Maybe one day I will also get pleasure from doing it.


I admire you and what you are doing?
Im going through a transition , that has taken me several years to be able to do.
My wife died in early january 1994 and most Christmases and new years i avoided celebrating.
So on christmas eve and Christmas day and her anniversary
But now Iā€™m going to celebrate her life and what christine loved and that is life and Christmas
. She was the love of my life, my perfect pixie, and she lives on as an angel in heaven
Where each night they open the free bar @7. So now im going to celebrate her life and our mutual love that can never die xxx

I realise what you are saying and believing your husband expects
But sadly he is not the who is having to carry on? Im not saying dont do anything . Try to think of yourself some of the time.
Because if you dont do what you believe your husband expected. You arent doing anything against him
Take care. Sending a virtual hug , for strength x