I think of you

I think of you as soon as I open my eyes in the morning the sun is shinning but I’m nothing but sad I think of you throughout the day but memories now are all I have but they make me so sad I think of you as the evening draws in wishing you were here snuggled next to me I think of you as I lay in our bed wishing you were here to hold me I think of you as I cry myself to sleep knowing I have lost my soulmate my one true love my heart my soul my best friend my everything my world is bare withoutyou this life is now an existence of pain and longing and emptiness we had so many happy years together and made so many memories but all the memories hurt withoutyou to share them with but our love oh my god it was so beautiful I miss you so very much it cuts like a knife every second of every day my weary heart and soul just wants to rest and be with you in peaceful bliss I love you my beautiful darling


Your words some up how many of us feel on here. we look OK on the outside but we are miss on the inside like a coloured bottle with on contents inside empty xx

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@Cj13 hii am so very sorry for your loss and thankyou you are right inside we are empty i hope you have support around you keep posting on here you will find support we try to help each other as best as we can im often around if you ever want to chat stay safe and take care sending hugs x