To paraphrase Tommy Handley - “It’s That Woman Again !”

The new profile pic shows Eileen kindly giving away my cold drink to a couple of Bedouin lads.
Jiddat-al-Harasis, Oman, 1992

And of course, the thread title should be “I.T.W.A.” !

She’ll be laughing at that !

Doh !

I’m laughing too Edwin…

You are such a tonic!

I can laugh, at times. I started a thread some weeks ago entitled “We Used to Laugh a Lot” and oh, how we did. But we cried too - we were up and down in life, as I am now in my grief. A good, happy memory now dissolves in tears - like right now - as I reflect that those happy, funny times are gone. I won’t see that lovely face again with those gorgeous eyes crinkled up in laughter.

Yes Edwin, the good, happy memories tend to now dissolve in tears. Sometimes the ‘heavy mob’ move in…the racking, heartbreaking sobs. My beloved Dad (passed at 93) had a most wonderful sense of humour. He used to sing to keep himself cheerful. This comes to mind now…Many a tear has to fall but it’s all in the game. You were so blessed Edwin…like Kate, I think of you as a real tonic…thank you, x