I want my mom back

It’s almost 2 months mom is gone. I want her back. What did I do to lose my mom at such a young age? She is the nicest person in our family. She didn’t deserve to die at the age of 58. I am living and functioning. I am eating now and not skipping meals. But I am NOT happy and what’s the point of this kind of life.
I will never be happy because I can be only happy around mom.
I want her back. I just want my mom.



The way you have just described being able to eat again now, will eventually be the same with the rest of your life. Eventually you will laugh at something funny, wake up looking forward to something, feel satisfaction with something you have achieved at work etc

Its a long, slow process and you will always miss your mum but everything will get easier. It takes a lot of time. Keep taking things day by day. 2 months is still such early days!

Cheryl x


Hi Cheryl,

What a lovely post and gives me also to remain hopeful so thank you x

Suzanne x

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Your words are so healing and beautiful. Thanks for responding.
I am just so lost without my mom. It reminds me of the times I was a kid and hated school and would stand by the window and cry out loud and trying to find my mom.

Hi Suzanne30

I’m pleased it has helped. 2 years and 9 months down the line, I still have a cloud of sadness that sits above me everywhere I go, but I now get enjoyment out of things and embrace them.

You will get there too.

Cheryl x

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Hi Mummasdaughter

I understand and that feeling of loss doesn’t go unfortunately.

I feel particularly sad today. My partner has gone to see his mum and my 15 year old daughter has made zero effort.

I would have been sitting with my mum watching a good drama with a bottle of wine and a take away.

Instead I’m doing housework and trying to ignore what day it is.

Hope you ate getting through the day although i know its not Mothers day where you are.

Cheryl x