I will never get over him ever

Its been 3 weeks now and i am so profoundly sad. My grief will last forever and he deserves that much. He was my everything and now I am truly alone. I live in a foreign country away from my family so that makes it that much harder. His family is here but we aren’t that close and they really dont do emotions like me. Its not going to be that easy to move back to the USA as there are so many things in the UK which just cannot be replaced. Health care, my job and my quality of life was great here. There’s also the fact that I feel I’ll be leaving him behind which I can’t do. He made me promise I wouldn’t make any quick or rash decisions about moving back home which I won’t. I’m not capable of that at this point anyway. I just dont know how to maneuver through my life without him here.


Sorry for your loss. It is dreadful losing a partner: Its 8 weeks since lost my wife.
I would definitely agree about not making any rash decisions. My sons want me to move so that im closer to them,but that is still in the same country, for you moving back to the states must be a huge undertaking.
My wife died at home and i would definitely feel Id left her behind if I moved house.
For you and i its too soon to be planning the future.
It is normal to feel there is nothing left for us.
It might help to think about what your husband would have wanted for you.
For now you need to concentrate in coming to terms with your loss.
Sometime in the future, a light will come on and you’ll know what you want to do


Thanks so much for the advice and Im sorry for your loss too

This grief journey is dreadful! This week a friend described it as an amputation and that is exactly how it feels! Noone can really understand unless they been there! I dont think we are ever ready for the passing of a loved one even if it expected! It isxso painful! Just waiting, hoping and praying for some relief from anguish (3 months for me). Will it ever come? Praise God for this site xx

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