I wish I could get rid of this weekend slump

Another weekend and another slump in how I feel. I have done absolutely nothing apart from watching the same old repeats on my computer. I cannot watch TV upstairs because the Freeview box will not connect to the TV. I have ordered another one from Amazon (an expense I could have done without) that will hopefully arrive tomorrow.

So it is a good book and radio for me this evening, which in truth is better than watching TV.

Still, I have felt so low and aimless today. Should have done some work but my mind is blank and my body totally drained.

I have not spoken to a soul bar my cousin in Italy. Next door do not really care. They say they will catch up but they never do. Is it bad to wish they went through the same experience to see exactly how they would feel at the receiving end?

I know I come across as bitter but I never really tolerated two-faced people.


Yes, I’ve had those thots.

A “friend” ?? & neighbour - her chat was always about what she , her hubby & their dogs had been up to. I’d lost both hubby & dog within months of each other.
I mentioned I missed hubby’s shirts on line - laughing she said - are you just goin to keep them & hang them out from time to time?
Trying to clear garage - asked having fun?!
The list is endless - I can’t bring myself to speak to her now.
I look at her and think - just wait till it’s your turn. I don’t think her hubby has spoken to me in 17 months.
Nasty I know, but I can’t help myself.

G. X

Those that haven’t experienced it will never know the pain. J spent all evening sobbing I the garden my husband created for me. There are so many plants and bushes that he waited to bloom and since his death in May they are now I full bloom. Ironic isn’t it. I wait hopefully for my family to arrive but in vain. They are not blood related but thought a lot of him. Some people shiw no sensitivity. They don’t rruse how it hurts to hear about their fun lives or even everyday happenings

weekends are terrible

Hi Debbie,

I’m so sorry that your husband has died. Sixty one years is a life time! My heart goes out to you. You don’t have to say but was this recent? Not that it makes any difference whether it be one day or 1 year ago, I find the pain never ceases. I hope you have support around you? Sending a big hug.x

And yes, weekends are awful. Another Bank holiday coming up.x

thank you am so down it was six months ago asnd my wedding anniversary wouold be 2nd Sept

It is six months for me also. We were together fifty years and I miss my husband so much. I struggle daily.x

I hate weekends where do you live I am in Welingborough