Ideas of how to celebrate your loved ones birthday

It’s my beloved mums birthday this week, and I lost her three months ago but want to do something nice in her honour so she knows she is still loved and celebrated. I wondered if anyone has any ideas apart from the obvious raising a glass of something nice. Thanks all!


How about making a floral tribute for her? Either to go in a vase with a lovely framed photo or in a pot outside. When it was Mother’s Day that’s what I did. At Easter I baked an apple crumble which was my Mum’s speciality and we had a special meal. Other ideas could be to visit a place or do an activity that held some significance to your Mum. Best wishes xx

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Thanks for your ideas @Rosiepink xx

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How about planting a rose i know theres one called “in loving memory” .

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Hi @BrackObama
Is there something she liked to do that you could do on the day?

My husband was a keen camper. I met up with some of his family on his birthday none of us sure what to make of the day. Then my brother in law brought out a camping stove and we made a cup of tea. No great ceremony but it was perfect. The ‘doing’ something made it easier to talk and even smile!

If she knitted could you have a knit along? If she liked nature, is there a walk you could take.

Even if you do nothing though she will know you love her xxx

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