If only

If I had a pound for everytime I’ve thought about you. I’d have millions. But all the money in the world won’t bring you back.

If you could just darken my door one more time. I wouldn’t be able to smile wide enough. We always had the craic.

If I could hear you once more on the end of a phone. I’d run up a bill, the likes you,ve seen.

If I could check your Facebook page, find out what you are doing. That would be my dream.

If you could call round for one of your visits like you used to do. I’d knock you a dinner up, by the time I’d finished cooking you’d weigh about 400stone.

If I could take you to the park once more like we did when you were young. We’d kick a ball until the cows come home. If only I’d have known.

If I had to give you pocket money like the old days. I’d give you all I owned.

When you left home and moved away. Wish I’d had you cloned.

When you were making your way in the world my chest was so full of pride

When the pair of us buggered off for a week in the motorhome. It was the best time I can’t deny.

If I could see you smile, hear you laugh once more,
I’ve sat hear everyday.
Waiting for that knock at the door.

Growing old as your dad.
I just can’t fill that space.
If for just one more second.
I could see your face.


Dear @Jim10

I am sorry for the loss of your son. Thank you for sharing a moving post. We can all identify with the words … if only are small words with such a big impact.

Take care and continue to reach out any time.


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