If you are alone...

…this Christmas morning, I send my special thoughts just for you.

Through loss we find ourselves here. For some, it’s the first year which means facing the unknown. For others, it could be more painful than the last.
We are thinking of each other today; peace be with you, x

And love to you all xx

Thank you so much Rainbow,special blessings to you and everyone here xx

Thank you. From now until New Year will be such a struggle. How do we face another year without our loved ones? I went to church, it was beautiful, but the tears flowed as I remembered my sister, and how we attended church with my mother on Christmas, Both are gone now. Yes Rainbow the first year without my beloved sister is “the unknown.” This time of year is so difficult, and lonely. Thank you for caring. Love and blessing to you all. Xxx Sister2

Hello Sister2, thank you for your kind wishes. Caring and sharing are what we can do in between our sadness and pain. Just helps, so much, x