Ill health after bereavement

The last five months my health has declines, so that I am struggling to cope with my doctor saying he has no idea what’s going on. Has anyone else experienced this? I have to give up every thing to try and deal with the very basics of every day. I can’t even go for walks and experience by all sort of pain,/ tingling/numbness/ cramping in my muscles when I do anything. Like this typing! Frustrating and worrying. Waiting on rests of an MRI and 20 weeks into waiting to hear about a rheumatology appt. Have to stop as arms hurting.

10 weeks waiting

Sorry to hear your health has suffered Helen. I do think sometimes our emotions or heartache can manifest as physical pain. Take care Carol.

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Hi Helenci. My health has definitely got worse after my husband died.
I am now suffering with throat problems (silent Reflux) where I am sick with coughing and feel like my throat is completely blocked. I cannot breathe easily, I am constantly tired and feel generally so unwell. I was always so fit and active before Ron died. I feel I am gradually losing all motivation and strength. I am sure it is grief that has caused these feelings.

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Yes definitely. Felt physically ill much of the time for several months after my mum’s death, still now exhausted easily and have stress headaches like I’d never experienced before she died. My asthma has been far worse than before too.

My counsellor told me that your immune system is reduced for a while after a death, because of the stress, and this can lead to all sorts of symptoms. Good to get things checked out.

Oh Helen you are describing me! Since the shock news of my husband’s death on Saturday my Fibromyalgia has been so bad I can hardly walk and the pain is excruciating. Not sleeping isn’t helping but I hope you can get some answers soon. I am convinced the shock is responsible for all this.

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Kim, so sorry to hear that, it is so recent be as kind to yourself as possible. Carol.,:kissing_heart:

I am so sorry to hear of your sudden lose. I hope you have people to help you; and that your flare up of symptoms calm down.