Im coping with another anniversary

Penny died 13 months ago, one month before our golden wedding. Today would have been our 51st anniversary, and is also the first anniversary of the “do” we had to celebrate her life.

So here I am sitting on top of the cliffs near Flamborough, with our two little dogs, and my guitar. We are sat talking of her, and the memories we have. Well, the dogs arent saying much, but they listen well. I’m softly picking and strumming my guitar, and if some lovely chord or lick magically appears, I stop and ask her if she likes it. She wasnt very musical, so she would probably say “not a lot!”, but it doesnt matter.
Im ok on my own, very slightly melancholy, with damp eyes. But theres nowhere else I’d rather be.

Ive been watching. Puffins, gannets. Guillemots, kittiwakes, cormorants etc. Life can still be good, just different. All I need to make it better is some sunshine tomorrow.

Anniversaries are not to be feared.


Hi tykey,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,

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Another day, and all is well with the world! The sun is shining, and I’m sat in my chair outside my motorhome with a coffee, two dogs, and a Jack Reacher book. Ive also just spent a few minutes practicing the ancient art of omphaloskepsis, a perfect time and place for that. Where shall I go for lunch.?

PS. omphaloskepsis is the art of contemplating ones navel! Its a time you spend thinking of only “ME”, what is important only for me? Its self care. I’ll care for everybody else in a liitle while.


Im still coping pretty well.
Im sat on the cliff edge at Flamborough, having a coffee and cake. Just been down on this beach with the dogs, and had a really long chat with Penny as the dogs played in the sand

Admittedly, I shed an occasional tear, but I feel a lot better for it! We agreed on everything! Each time I do this sort of thing it gets easier and the happy memories get clearer…

Please try not to fear the future, its still definitely worth having

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