I'm done

i’m done…

Wednesday 14th June 2023, 2yrs since my wonderful Dad passed :broken_heart:

did anybody message to say they were thinking of me? sadly no, but i guess life goes on and they have their own lives and issues going on

but when you’re a highly sensitive person, a people pleaser, always checking in on others, it hurts when you feel you’re so alone and as though nobody cares

prior to this date, i actually messaged a friend saying i’m not coping…and no response

ever likely i close myself off and put my barriers up and distance myself a lot more because to get no response when i said i’m not coping, and to feel as though i cannot talk about Dad because nobody wants to listen…that’s enough for me to close off from the world and not put energy into others when i’m not getting energy back

just a form of realease to get it out of my mind, despite not posting in months…

do what you need to do to get through it

signing off from the world and hibernating


I’m so sorry you’re not getting the support you need, @steffi88am21. The community is here for you and we care :blue_heart: Please keep reaching out - you’re not alone.


I am so sorry you feel this way. I know what it is like for no one to check in on you. I sadly lost my mum 3 months ago now and no one asks how I am these days.

Well they do on this website so I’m grateful for that but it’s only because everyone on here understands how it feels.

You can message me anytime x

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thankyou, i think i was just in that consuming headspace where i just needed to let it free and thought i’d come back on here. Sorry if i sounded negative. It’s just hard when life carries on and we feel alone and empty x

@Jess1 hi Jess, firstly i am sending you so much love :purple_heart: losing a parent is torture, it really is. If ever you want to talk my messages are open too x

Secondly, thankyou for your kind words and saying i can chat to you. The bereaved definitely have that bond, the understandable connection, even if they’re strangers - it’s under difficult and sad circumstances but at the same time it’s comforting isn’t it?

Grief brings us together and sometimes it’s strangers who check in on us more than some of our friends but those strangers can become good friends xx

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I lost my granddaughter 2 years ago and almost every one thinks you should be ok but that’s not how it is iferl your pain

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I’m m feeling your pain right now. I list my one and only sibling 4th of may 2023 my sister was 62 and she had lung cancer. She was my best friend too. It was always going to be me and her walking down the road with our handbags lol me and her supporting each other when mum and dad die. Sadly it’s all down to me now. I’m hurting badly I know I am because I hardly leave my flat unless mum needs me. I’ve completely shut down and if I’m honest I’m dreading the day my parents go and I know I’m watching an egg timer for that right now. When they go I’m all that’s left and I want to be right behind them because I can’t face being here alone. I get the No ones listening because they’re not :woman_shrugging: I hope and pray you feel better because I want someone to also tell me things will be ok :pleading_face:


Hi lonely
Every word you have said,I totally agree with,as I lost my husband 18momths ago,was his sole carer ,while he was suffering cancer, yes in the few few weeks after some friends were there for me ,but after I realised they weren’t ,
I had to turn my back on them in the end, as I was struggling,and they were making my grieving worse,now 18momths later ,I feel it was the best thing I had done,through all the pain and hurt I went through ,it made me stronger my husband would of been saying to me ,don’t allow people to upset you any more,I now go swimming ,eat healthy , it really has helped me get through this ,of course I get bad days, but keeping active , helps me ,they say losing a loved one,also changes friendships,how true is that x

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Hi Roxy
Just came across your post and I so like to see someone who is doing their
best to come to terms and taking care of themselves. I hope that it gives other members encouragement to do the same thing.
Yes, for me also some family and friends did a runner and forgot about me. Yet I did my best to be upbeat and not be needy and never miserable in their company.
Now four years along I find that it has made me a stronger person. I don’t need these fair weather people in my life and like you I have made sure that I get plenty of exercise, eat healthily, keep active and feel good on it. I have also made new friends. Now I wouldn’t even invite these people that deserted me into my house.!!!
All the best

it’s a terrible pain isn’t it :frowning: i hope you’re looking after yourself as best you can and are reminding yourself of all of the wonderful memories you shared with her :purple_heart:

i’m sorry for the late reply, i found myself locking myself away from the world again.

Sending you lots of love :purple_heart: and that fear of thinking everyone else is going to die and leave us is so real because i fear that a lot :frowning:

are you able to talk to your parents about how you’re feeling? it’s so easy to shut away and distance from people and get so caught up in our thoughts but i hope you’re looking after yourself and just take it minute by minute

everyone grieves differently and just know this site brings us all together to show we’re never alone even though it feels it at times x