I'm having a lot of trouble

2 years ago I lost my partner to sepsis I cannot stop thinking of her . I’m absolutely broken . I want to die !

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Hello Davy, please can I ask you to ask your GP or mental health team to help you. At any time you can contact the Samaritans on 116123 and just chat rather than face life feeling like you do at present.
Losing your partner must have been tragic and everyone on here knows the feeling you have and we will all support you. Please think carefully about contacting the Samaritans and tomorrow your mental health support team. Sxx

Hello Davy, I’m sorry to hear what a an awful time you have had and are still having You will get support and understanding here. You now have somewhere to come to talk and share. There’s no cure for what we are all going through, but it does help to talk to people who understand and want to share their story and we can all help each other. It may sound impossible but slowly, slowly thing can get better than they are for you right now. In the worst moments you now have others on here, you aren’t alone. I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight and I wish you some peace in the days and months ahead. I hope you keep posting and I hope to talk to you again. With big hugs and kind thoughts.

I just lost one of my best friends on all this life is so hard I don’t know if I can take any more I’m reaching out but it seems nobody can help me . My Dr the mental health team simaritans I’m being evicted on top I will not survive the streets I’m better off dead ! Nobody wants the broken and now iv nobody I can rely on all I have and own gone no ID no home no home no job and the voices want me to end it I’m not being a bad person I just have no choice!

I also have diabetes Al liver and kidney problems I dare to say I doubt anybody can help me now

in England are there not social services and council flats?

I hope the very best for you, I do. dying by suicide is not a reliable way to go.

you may end up not dying and maiming yourself. please check into doctors and get help.

Hello, we’re just letting you know we’re going to close this thread now and are in touch with @Davyb privately.