I'm just sad!

It’s been 10 long awful weeks without my Mum, I feel sad most days, the ache I feel for her hurts. I still find it very strange my life without her, I long for her to come back in my life which I know is just simply impossible. I cry myself to sleep most nights, some days I am okish, others I am drowning. I don’t like my new life without my Mum, how is all of this fair? I’m surrounded by so many lovely amazing people but the one person who was there for me no matter what is gone and honestly I feel broken. I’m sorry I just needed a rant! Sending love to all going through this awful journey called grief :pensive:


Sending you a big hug Katie. I’m so sorry you feel so lost. It’s so bewildering not being able to speak to the one person who has always been there for us throughout our lives. It’s a painful journey but I’m pleased to have found this site so that we can share our feelings in a safe place with others who understand. I hope you too find some comfort from that. Take care.



I have just read your message and immediately I can relate as it’s been 6 weeks since my mother died and like you, I feel pretty terrible at times. This is will be the hardest thing you’ll have to face in my estimation and what you are feeling is normal in the light of the fact that it’s your mother. Yes, your mother and like you, she was the person who I felt closest too and was my confidante and constant support in my life.

They say that you have to validate your feelings and feel it all and that’s what you are doing. After all, with such a deep and amazing relationship how would you feel anything else especially now you ( and I) no longer have them, at least in the physical realm.

What we have to do is be really kind to ourselves and to each other. Do you feel like your whole body feels sad? Another thing is that grief takes a lot of energy and not only do we feel sad but we feel feel overwhelmed.

Keep posting and I hope this message is of some comfort to you. We are both in the early days of the grieving process so a great deal of patience is required.

Much love to you xxx

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Hi @Katie1987 I’m so sorry that you too have lost your dear mum (I too lost mine back in February this year). Do you feel very lost? I do. And yes I can relate to feeling that life is very strange without Mum. I think this is all very normal but still really awful to go through. It really is horrible losing a mother and I don’t think that anyone truly understands until they’ve experienced it themselves, however well meaning they are. Please try to be patient with yourself and kind. People tell me that it gets a little easier with time, although you still don’t stop missing the person you’ve lost. Sending you much love, hugs and strength lovely one. Take care. Xxx