I'm like a pressure cooker

I feel like I’m going to explode with grief. Sometimes i just burst into tears and can’t control my feelings like I’m a pressure cooked just before it explodes. Then after a good cry I feel a bit better till next wave comes and I’m back to square one. I think this is how I’m going to feel for the rest of my days just muddling along day after day week after week till my time comes to be with Jim. If I knew we would be together again I would go now right away because living like this is torture and so unbearable :sleepy:


Aww Misprint
I feel just the same,this awful feeling in my chest every day so anxious I worry about everything,It’s heartbreaking now without our loved ones
I have lost my confidence,don’t know what I’m supposed to do without Steve,it does feel like we are being tortured
I am Struggling with this horrendous new life

Take care

Christine x


Yes I feel it too and I’m quite afraid that if I let go it would completely destroy me, I describe it as a bubble waiting to burst just swelling in my chest but it must be part of the grief, after all how can we be expected to survive without our loved one, life is so cruel, such a momentous event, left stunned and now just drifting through the days xx

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,sorry misprint it’s so hard it’s 14 months. Since my john passed and I struggle everyday lv annie x

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Yes not having a good day today feel lost and keep crying

I every day different not to bad a day but just tired a need to sleep exhausted lv ya annie

Hi misprint
I have had this same feeling this morning. Thought I was doing better as I’ve been trying to be busy and get out a bit more but I’ve got nothing to do today or the weekend. Got up this morning with the ball of anxiety in my stomach then the tears came when I was drying my hair. Had a good cry, the first for a while. Think the pressure cooker is a good description. The grief builds up inside you and has to come out somehow.
Take care xx

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Not had a good day either Barbara. Woke up with a heavy heart had a cry. Day has gone down hill tried to do some gardening to take my mind off things but it didn’t work. Managed to move some stuff around but had to use Jim’s tools so that started me off had to come in as it was to much for me. Now in bed feeling so lonely .

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Seems like a few of us have had a bad day today
Hope you manage to sleep well and tomorrow is better for us all xx

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