i'm lost without her

I lost my wife of 46 years to lung cancer at the beginning of august, she was very poorly for the last few months of her life under the care of the palliative care unit from Leeds, they were very good, she was on a hospital bed and oxygen in our spare room which they organised along with home care twice a day. Unfortunately she had to spend the last four weeks of her life in hospital under the end of life care team.my two kids and myself were with her when she passed away, the image of her lying in her bed for the last three days will never leave me. My two kids have been great support even though I know they too are grieving. I just hope that things will get better for us. thank you for listening to me all you fellow grievers.

I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my husband of 50 years in June he was diagnosed with an incurable brain disease c.j.d, it was heartbreaking I nursed him at home for his last few months, it was a horrible thing to have to see him like that ,he was 70 in June and was going to retire and we was going to have some good times together but it was all taken away I miss him every day, my mother also passed unexpectedly in March, and my younger brother last year times are not good at moment, I think the loneliness is the worst nobody to talk to, and share things with hope it gets better and for you too, I think I put a brave face on for my children, you don’t want to worry them, I just wish he could walk through the front door once more , hope it gets easier.

thank you Elaine, and your right about the loneliness is the worst part, my daughter comes to change my bedding and today we both had a really good cry and big hugs, I think I could give up if not for my two grown up kids and two grand daughters, I hope it gets easier for all of us who are suffering

The touching sentiments you both express…I could quite easily have written them myself. I lost my wife of 38 years to metastatic colon cancer in late February. Lifes like wading through treacle sometimes, its hard, exhausting, feels directionless and theres a massive part of you missing. The essential person that loved, supported, cared and encouraged you, the one you shared your plans for the future with no longer around to make things feel and seem that much better when you need it most. I do try to remain as upbeat as I can, however, when the inevitable negativity floods its way into my thought processes, I force myself to use the positivity and love I feel for my kids and grandkids to effect change to the way I am thinking. In other words I can certainly identify and empathise with the concept of giving up, but I hold very strongly that with my son losing his mother and the grandchildren losing their beloved nanna they have sufferred quite enough heartbreak so I endeavour to keep going no matter how hard it is and hope things will get just a little bit easier for all of us.
Take care and thoughts with you both.

so sorry for losing the best friend you ever had I lost my wife to lung cancer she also had pulmonary fibrosis she suffered at the end oxygen etc you know what imean you put a mask on for your family and take it off when there gone we were married 58 years and im lost without her
but they arnt there to be forgotten all my sympathy terry

Thankyou for that I just hope it gets better as it’s very hard at the moment , it must get easier but at the moment I cant see it , my thoughts are with you

Thankyou for that just hope it gets easier I struggling at moment , my thoughts are with you

thank you all for your kind words and thoughts, today is our wedding anniversary so not a very good day for me but going to my sons for Sunday dinner and a sleep over so should make it a better day.

Hope you have good day as best you can it was mine two weeks ago we had been together since I was 16 and it would have been our 50th I managed to get through it hope you do too, kind regards

You poor, poor lady, I am so sorry that you had to endure seeing your husband with c.j.d. he was too young to have this evil condition. I can understand that times are not good at the moment, my dear husband of practically 59 years passed away, 3 months ago. my younger brother, passed just 4 years ago and my lifelong friend of nearly 72 years friendship passed 6 months after my younger brother. Life can be very cruel, I am sure you will find comfort from the members of this forum, we are all suffering, yet these lovely people have put out their hands of friendship
and given me comfort. I hope that you will feel better in time.

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