I'm lost.

Hello, I lost my wife on the 6/6/22 to breast cancer she was 36, she left behind 6 children and 1 step child. Our 2 youngest love with me age 2 and 4. My 2 year old has cerebal palsy. I cared for my wife at home for as long as I could before her pain got too much and went In to a hospice. I held her hand as she took her last breath. Everyday has been a dark day so far and they are getting worse. We was robbed of the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I can’t see things getting better the pain is unbearable. I want to tell her things about the kids but can’t, I find myself shouting her name in the house hoping she answers me. I cuddle her coat just to smell her and feel like she’s cuddling back. I’ve never missed anything or anyone like I miss her. She really was my world and now she’s just gone. I want her back and I’d do absolutely anything if it was possible. Like I said the days are very long and dark and I can’t see a way out. I’m just hoping and praying things change because I can’t go on like this and my kids need me.


Hello Carl, I am so very sorry for you and the children who now have no mum. The pain, the dark days and nights do get a little better because somehow we learn that we have to survive. It’s very hard and everyone on this community knows how hard and how you are feeling. You are never alone and my heart goes out to you. Please keep posting and also reading others post knowing you are never on your own. Sending blessings to you all. S xxx

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I’m sorry to hear of your loss. It’s terribly sad that you find yourself here but a blessing that you have found this group. Hopefully we can give you a shoulder to cry, lean, scream on.
It is so so early days for you. I remember when I felt as desperate as you, not believing people
Could really know that things would get easier.
But although I miss my husband desperately and can have many bad days, 15 months in to this journey, I am in a more manageable place. Somewhere I never never thought I would be.

Take care and don’t forget to reach out


Stay strong your children need you and you need them, take each day hour at a time I know how hard it is

Carl, so sorry for your loss. If it helps I believe my wife would want me to carry on and I imagine yours would too. I am no good at the moment on offering advice other than try and get as much help as you can. These forums help me a bit as although they are extremely sad there are people here who through there own experiences try to aid others. and speak of a time where they can have some kind of a life where the pain is bearable.
Sending love and I truly hope you can find peace at some stage. x

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