Im new to this I lost my brother and partner this year

Hello my name is Lucy I lost my brother and partner this year Jan and March, my brother had mental health problems he was my only syblin baby brother okay not a baby but he was younger than me, my partner died in March and he was only 50 years old, I had a flat which I had to give up. I’m sorry I’m new to this


Hi @Lucy40 ,

I am so very sorry for your losses. I know what you’re talking about because in 2017 I lost my brother in January and my husband in June. My world came crashing down, never to be the same again. My brother had been very poorly with cancer of the pancreas and died a horrible death. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest. They are very different losses and my grief for my husband overshadowed the loss of my brother. They were the same age too.

I think talking about our loved ones can be a comfort and keeps them alive. I can honestly say I mention my husband in conversation every single day. As for my brother, the family talk about him often. We find ourselves going over his suffering and it does help to talk about it, just to reassure each other that we did our best by him. I hope you can talk about your loved ones too and that it might give you some comfort.

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Thank you sincerely sorry for late reply, I’m trying to join groups to keep me going and busy I guess. Bless you it’s sincerely hard this grief and still for you. This service seems good for us all to be able to really understand help each other and listen . I’m dearly so sorry for your losses I believe they look over us they are with us all around. It’s hard at holiday times . I believe there angels on our shoulders

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