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Hya, my husband died suddenly last Friday and it’s difficult. I am waiting for the funeral place to ring me to say he’s ready for me to visit. I’m finding myself in bed early now, not to sleep but to just lay in the warm and dark and feel close to him. I love and miss him so much.

Hello, I am so sorry to read about what has happened to you. I lost my husband to a heart incident that although was anticipated, happened very suddenly and unexpectedly. This was a day after my birthday in October. Let family help as much as possible if you have offers. The shock and trauma is so exhausting, physically and emotionally and if you can tolerate people around you it may help.
Sorry I can’t offer positivity but I truly empathise and send warmest regards.

Thanks Tina. My mum is staying until after the funeral, but she needs to go back to work straight after. Your husband dying a day after your birthday is terrible. I’m managing to fill days, but the nights are the worst. I can’t imagine a life without him, but I know I have no choice.

My dear Jolyjoka - I really feel for you so sorry. I lost my husband suddenly in an accident at the end of November . You will still be in the numb shocked phase. Look after yourself & have the people around you that you need , other times you may feel the need to be alone. Come on this site where we understand your pain. Sending wishes for peace for you X

Hi jolyjoka im very sorry for your loss .The shock is raw to say the least ,Be yourself dont hold back .MY advice is this 1 see your gp (if you havent all ready ) the samaritains are there to listen 247 .Cruse bereavement is something you can ask your gp (theres usually a waiting list ) Take it day by day if you dont have to legally do things .Leave them till you have to (im57 my wife was 41 she passed on her birthday 04032016).Keep coming back here theres people who can help Big hug Colin