Im not coping lost my husband

I’m not coping lost of my husband…
I feel I have no one to talk to… It’s coming to 5 weeks and I hate it.
I deal with it having two small children being a willow at 31… If there anyone out there at has or is going through the same thing please talk to me :,( my husband was only 34

I lost my husband 1 year ago and we are much older than you. The only advice I can offer is be kind to yourself. Every day will be a struggle but you have such young children too. Please accept help from those who love you. This site is great for given you strength.
For me it’s the loneliness. It’s the struggle hearing from others what a great weekend they’ve had with their husbands. The holiday they’ve just booked. Very very hard but somehow you learn to cope day by day.

So sorry for your loss with two small children and all so young. Eve is right, be kind and patient with yourself. You’ll make many new friends here. people who have been through similar misfortunes. To me, it does not seem enough to say just that, but it is the best advice.

Seek out any sympathetic neighbours, relatives or friends. Especially if they can call on you if that’s ok. Hopefully, someone here may be able to suggest a group that can welcome and support you. I’m not familiar with Su Ryder services, but failing that there are certainly those like Cruse Bereavement Support to talk to.

Eve I’m sorry
Thank u x

Thank you so much

Oh Tracy, my heart goes out to you. Yes most of us find the first few weeks absolutely dreadful and you feel the it will never get better. It takes time to feel that you can deal with the day to day things. Having young children makes life even harder but for them you must be strong. Eve is right, be kind to your self and do what feels right at the time, each day is different and you’re thoughts will change each day or even each hour, so be kind, you are and will be different from the person you were before. We are always here for you, so even if there’s no one to talk to you can write your thoughts which as been an help to me. I even kept a note book with jottings of how I felt and it made me feel a bit better.

Thank u for ur words
Thank you all