I'm so lost without you

I feel so lost and cheated that you were taken from me pauline it feels like my life is over I do the things I need to but its on autopilot and nothing has any meaning anymore every day is the same feeling so sad empty and lost I’m nothing without you I miss you so much I can’t sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning I don’t wanna get up and start another day without you I love you baby


I’m so sorry for your great loss. I wish I could offer you some words of comfort, but its only been 14 weeks for me since I lost my partner and I’m still finding it hard to cope, and it’s still all so unreal.
There are many lovely people here who will be able to console you with their kind and comforting words.
God bless.

sadly thankyou I’m so sorry for your loss and yes it feels so unreal and is heartbreaking but we have to keep going because they would want us to I have her funeral on Friday hang in there take care

sadl2 thankyou I’m so sorry for your loss and yes it feels so unreal and is heartbreaking but we have to keep going because they would want us to I have her funeral on Friday hang in there and take care

Casey1. A prayer and my thoughts will be with you on Friday.
Stay strong.

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My thoughts for Friday Casey. I hope everything goes ok for you. It is an heartbreaking time but you will feel close to Pauline .xxx

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Will be thinking of you on Friday.

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sad2 thankyou I will try to

Angiejo1 thankyou I just want to give her a good service its all I can do for her now

Sheila26 thankyou the songs i picked are all love songs and had meaning to us your still the one amazed and to make you feel my love

Beautiful song choices.Both me and husband met through work and Northern Soul dance music so that influenced the songs played at the two services. My husband also loved the Carpenters so I had Supersar as we entered the church.

Sheila26 Karen carpenter had such a lovely voice we both liked the carpenters

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Casey. My husband loved the carpenters too. He always said they calmed him down. I had Ave Maria sung by Karen Carpenter at the funeral.

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The following months Smooth radio played the Carpenters everytime I got into the car. Sometimes coped most of the time did not.

Hi Angiejo1 that is a beautiful song she had such a distinctive voice

HI Sheila26 I know what you mean I like soppy love songs and I listen to magic radio in the car they play loads on there but every song makes me think of Pauline and what I have lost

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My Tony who died suddenly on the 26 February 2 days before my 60th birthday he used to send me songs and the Elvins heaven must have sent you was one of our favorites abs he asked for it to be played at his funeral , he re sent me the song 2 days before he died , I found him and the shock
And the loss is unbearable, the other song he would tell me was for me was in my life the Beatles , life is cruel
I feel for you all
Because I know how bad I feel xx

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@Debbie29 hi Debbie I am so very sorry for your loss it is so heartbreaking to lose your soulmate we are all in pain and struggling I wish I could offer you some words of comfort at the moment I’m taking 1 minute at a time all I can say is I believe they are still with us and and looking over us and one day we will be reunited with them you will find support here with nice people that understand my thoughts are with you stay safe take care

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Thankyou Cassy ,
It’s Just so awful I just think how will I ever feel normal again, they say time is a healer so I suppose we have to hope that is true, I believe Tony is with me as I have had some moments where it could only be Tony doing certain things, he came to me 2 weeks ago in a dream and I felt his lips on mine snd he said sorry for dying it was surreal but I know he is with me, like you I believe we will
Be reunited in the next life xx keep strong xx

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@Debbie29 I will try to be strong its just so hard everyday I miss her more I’m just existing until the day I can be with her god bless you stay safe

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