Images that don't go away

Hi. I lost my husband at age 61. He had lymphoma that went to his brain 3 months exactly before he died.
I am still in the same house and and same bedroom he had his huge seizure in. I bought a new bed for my birthday as for over a year I had not been able to lie or sit on his side.
With shorter days and darker nights, coming up to the 2nd anniversary of when things truly became fatal, I have images of his seizure and memories of the bed shaking like an earthquake and him saying weird things. I can barely sleep. Any thoughts welcome. Thank you.


I’m really sorry for your loss and understand how hard it is caring for someone with cancer. I can only imagine how traumatic the seizure was for you to witness and no doubt made you feel very helpless.
Have you spoken to anyone to help you deal with how you’re feeling? Some counselling might help you process what happened and ways to deal with the memories.

I agree with @Lucy55 , it may be wise to speak to your GP and get some help. It sounds like you may have post traumatic stress, if your reliving the moment over and over.

It’s such an awful thing you have experienced and my heart goes out to you.