In laws

Anybody got any suggestions for vindictive vicious in-laws who play the grieving caring loving role but beneath the mask they playing games with me


You have a few options,tell them to bugger off, let them know that you are on to what they are doing to you, play them at there own game. You don’t need this crap when you’re grieving.

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I agree with Bootsie. They have no rights in your affairs. If you would find it difficult to tell them to bugger off. Just have nothing to do with them, and do your own thing.
You dont need this!
They are only inlaws, not your parents.

And @bootsie its so complicated basically they didn’t really bother with him or the boys, but the 2 sisters and 3 girls were everything. They made him feel like crap. My parents adored him he adored them. But now they’ve put this big front on and making me look like shit too other people but slyly so if kick off it’s showing I’m bad bastard to the lively grieving parents

@bootsie heres one thing, he died abroad so embalmed 3 weeks to get him home, post mortem followed so closed coffin. They went to see the coffin. Come over to me and told me how they tried to open it. Nobody would ever believe it of them and they told nobody else

Why on earth would they be so disrespectful as to try and open a coffin? My husbands 2 brothers don’t talk to each other but I get on with both of them and they have both been a great support.

I feel so sorry for you being involved with these awful people. You have to distance yourself, with your head held high. There is enough hurt without people adding to it.
Sending hugs x

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Trying to,their youngest grandson (11) my son is autistic and he said you don’t know what’s going on in his head with his problems. But never when anyone is there

Exactly the list is huge but never where people are. The send off I put together was out of this world. Had help veterans and bikers my parents paid the bill (his are loaded) everyone as said what a send off never never seen anything like it and they lapped it up. And my parents paid for their funeral car
YouTube search Stephen stretch herring

Two psychotherapists told me that if someone comes up to you and starts hitting you over the head with a (metaphorical) stick, and walks off. Why would you pick up the stick and start hitting yourself over the head? Why get upset about it? Personally, I would hit them over the head instead.

Its just wrong! Stuff 'em!

Agree but I want to expose them and make them feel shame. Knock them off the pedestal. Then walk away head held high

Hmmm… revenge!?
Tempting though it is, I try to resist revenge, because it makes me as bad as them.
Ive always found people get their comeuppance (is there such a word?) without any input from me. I would prefer to wake up each morning thinking “Im a nice bloke”. They won’t.
Totally blank them, and let them stew in their own sad lives.

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It’s terrible how people behave . My mum in law said in the early days to me and my son , you are still part of our family . I thought that were words that didn’t need saying .