In need of a break

I have just booked myself into a very nice hotel for the weekend Andrew’s birthday falls in to have a much needed breather and to celebrate him properly.

It is a pretty expensive hotel and I should be watching every pound right now since it make take a few months to get probate.

Then again, I am working flat out and I am ever so tired due to grief, probate and all kinds of other legal issues. I am well and truly shattered. I wake up tired and I go to bed tired.

Is this hotel extravagance justified?


Yes you deserve some time to remember Andrew and celebrate his birthday. It will also give you a break from all the admin and make time for yourself.
Every October the whole family go away to remember Doug, on his birthday and also it’s when we scattered his ashes.
I actually away on holiday now with my daughter, son in law and grandchildren, and on Thursday we are going back to Looe so I can spend time sitting on the beach and remembering him.
It been lovely to spend time away and we have talked about dad, grandad loads of times.
Enjoy your well earned rest.
Love Debbie X

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I would say it most certainly is @SSTC22.

I’m planning something similar when Mr Wingingit’s birthday is due.

I suspect, for me(and maybe you?) it will be a bittersweet experience - but we’ll never know until we try.

I hope we both enjoy being looked after for a wee while SSTC22 - even if we are paying for the privilege.

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Well, my cousin and aunt in Italy are going to spend the whole of August by the seaside on the Adriatic.

I would love to be able to join them but cannot justify taking that much time off, so a weekend in a nice hotel in London will have to do.


Enjoy your well deserved break in London! We all need to treat ourselves now and again and it will give you the time and space to remember Andrew on his birthday.

I was in Spain for Ian’s 70th and we had a little party and cake so his young granddaughter could blow out the candles for him.

I’ve often thought about going away for one or two nights on my own but I’m not brave enough at the moment. Perhaps one day …,

X Julie


Fantastic idea, just enjoy it and relax. I bet it’s worth every penny.

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