Pudding I have since found out after being forced to resign from the bike club myself and sue was part of that the person who made it uncomfortable for was a kkk member and hated anyone who wasn’t white and because i am part sikh him and a so called friend decided to force me out .no i,m not racist at all


@Jan17 good for Richard Coles! What a ridiculous thing to say. I can’t work out if it’s best people said nothing than put their foot it. I get annoyed when people don’t say something at all but I also expect them to be able to say the right thing too and get disappointed when they don’t. People can be useless with words if they haven’t experienced loss themselves and that leads to changes in friendships as they cannot relate. I guess that is just life. Loss is the toughest thing to go through as humans :frowning:

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@BrackObama yeah I get that we want people to acknowledge our pain but also be tactful. I’m sure the person that said that to me was trying to show in a clumsy way there is hope and life won’t always feel so bad. It was just crass and did not help at all.


I have never understood how you can hate someone just because their skin is a different colour. It’s like saying you hate someone because they are blonde. I am so sorry you encountered such an ignorant person but I am sure it is not the first.


The worst thing someone said to me was that I hope you get the help you need and can move on with your life. In fact they didn’t say it to my face but message it to me after I was reaching out to them. How patronising!


Pudding certainly wasnt the first time .but never again

This morning I went for a walk with my dogs the first person I saw asked me how I was feeling I replied ok she then said you will have bad days and good I’m here if you want to talk anytime just a few simple words can make all the difference, there are some kind people around, just keep away from certain neighbours


I know what you mean. My neighbour has just come over to put out my rubbish and come in for a chat. She has told me she expects to see me knocking in her front door with my walker now I have it for coffee. She promises me good coffee. It will certainly be strong and good as she is German and from my experience the coffee always is.