Intense overwhelming pain

Nothing anyone says that’s not in my situation makes this feel any better, I just can’t focus, I’m stuck in a tunnel unable to get out.
My chest feels heavy thinking what my life will be and it hurts so much.x

I understand I’m 49 and my wife died suddenly on 28 may. The pain Hurst so much I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The funeral was last week but that has not reduced the pain. We could not have children to I don’t have that part you are also dealing with.
Use this site as there are many who are going through the same or similar situation. You can message anytime

Thank you jay
In a short time this site has been great comfort.
I do feel very alone and isolated, my children do need me probably more than ever but it’s hard to give them what they need.
It’s so so painful we were united in everything and to not have that is so painful.
I’m taking of all sorts of things birthdays, special events etc and it scares me so much. x

I can’t help with anniversaries as I have yet to get to them. I did on the night of her funeral I couldn’t sleep do brought online a pendant that now holds her hair. I do find it some comfort and I’m always holding it. I’m waiting for ashes which I was planning to take to a donkey scantuary she loved to visit which we did for her birthday in January. But I’m gradually finding that difficult. You just do as you see fit and don’t let others make decisions for you. You take your time as no-one can feel the pain and loss you are experiencing. Lkedp safe and post your feelings on here. I do

Thank you jay
My husband passed a week today and thankfully I was with him and had been since he was diagnosed on 6th March 2019.
It’s been the hardest 18months but we were all so positive of a good outcome.
I can’t see me feeling any better/stronger in 1 month or 1 year he was my world. x

I only had 3 days once diagnosed so don’t know if harder or easier than watching over time. But I’m sure the end feeling is just as painful.
We were in a really good place. Looking forward to this year probley more than any other as planning to do a lot together. Unfortunately that’s now been stolen from me. You will go through so many feelings that they will be hard to count.
I have several times used cruse on their website they have a message chat where you can message a councillor. I have found its helpful but soon realised they don’t have answers

Hi I don’t think anyone has answers for us Mick was diagnosed 3 days before he died was willing to fight it to late when his bowel ruptured it’s a cruel world.

Same here diagnosed 3 days before being stolen from me. Allison wanted to come home but was too unwell. Just can’t get my head around how the GP got it so wrong.

My live has lost its value. I’m 49 and feel worthless

I got Mick home for a few hours was in hospital 2 days his 3rd day I brought him home where he wanted to be I can’t tell you to stay strong because I’m not just taking each minute

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