Intense pain of grief

My mum died yesterday and I feel like I am going to pass out with the intense pain. I don’t know how to deal with it at all. I don’t even know why I am writing this now. I don’t expect to feel ok only 24 hours after I lost her but II feel like the pain is killing me inside. I have loads of lovely friends and family but all I want is my mum. I can’t even begin to process this, it was so fast and I was completely unprepared. My son was best friends with his Grandna and he is devastated too. Our house is full of sadness.

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So sad to read your post. You will definitely be in shock. Unfortunately grief creates both emotional and physical pain so just take one hour at a time for now. Support each other. There will be others on this forum who are in a similar position and will listen and support as best they can.

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I’m so sorry. Lost my mum in June, it was also very sudden and unexpected. I had to clear her house as the street is planned for demolition. This was going to be a house move for mum but ended up as a painful house clearance. Everyday I have tears and have moments of disbelief. I have found some comfort in looking at lots of old pictures of my mum and dad when they were younger. Of course this brings on tears but a curiosity of looking at where my routes were and are helps me with this feeling of rudderless and sadness.

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Thankyou for your reply. I have been lucky never to have experienced anything like this in my life until now but it’s just so awful, it’s so hard to process whats happened. I know it will take a very very long time.


I’m so sorry for your loss, and I feel your pain and devastation. My poor mum died only two months ago, and i still feel physical pain everyday. I struggle with day to day tasks, and alot of the time all I feel is that I want to go to the hospital and be sedated, or be with my mum because this physical and mental pain in unbearable. I relive being In hospital with her, and her dying in my arms ever single day.

I wish I could help, but all I can say is I know exactly how your feeling. The pain is awful. My eldest child was also really close with my mum, and is really struggling.

Sending whatever love and strength I have, and I’m so sorry your wonderful mum has gone and your having to feel this pain. Life is cruel xxx

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