Introducing your new Online Community Manager

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have already seen one or two of her posts so I’d like to take the opportunity to officially welcome and introduce you all to @Seaneen who joined Sue Ryder yesterday and is taking over as Online Community Manager this week. Seaneen joins the team with a wealth of experience - I am sure the community will be safe in her hands.

I can’t quite believe it’s been ten months since I joined the Online Community team on a secondment - I have really enjoyed managing the community in that time and seeing first hand what a supportive and caring place it is.

So it’s goodbye from me and a final thank you, for your open and honest contributions to the community and for the many ways you stand with and support one another, despite your own sadness. I’d also like to take a moment to thank our (growing) Online Community Volunteer team for their commitment to the community and their kind, supportive and encouraging words.

As always, if you have any questions about the community or would like to reach out to Seaneen, please email

Keep reaching out and please know you do not need to struggle alone :blue_heart:

Do take care,


Best wishes Megan and welcome @seaneen


Thanks so much for the introduction @MeganP, and hello everyone - I’m looking forward to getting to know you. I have been so impressed by what a supportive space you have created together.

Please do drop me an email at or a PM if there’s anything I can help with.